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Aims and Objectives

The Hellenic Canadian Federation of Ontario was created in the spring of 1982 as a non-profit and non-partisan independent organization in Ontario with the main aim to:

  • Unite all the Greek Canadian people of the Province
  • Promote the Greek Culture in Ontario
  • Harboring relationships among various Greek organizations in the Province
  • Provide a common voice identical to the Provincial Society

Forefront to be:

  1. Develops and promotes effectively the opinions and positions of Ontarians of Greek origin on public issues
  2. Promote, encourage, support efforts and participation of Canadians of Greek origin in public places
  3. Inform and updates the provincial government, non-governmental organizations (NGO), the Information Media and the general public with issues concerning the Hellenic Canadian provincial Diaspora.
  4. Acting as a link between various Greek communities and organizations that are spread all over Ontario.
  5. Provides a means of two-way communication between the Hellenic Canadian Society of Ontario and the Greek, Provincial, Municipal authorities, agencies and institutions.
  6. Represents and defends before provincial and municipal authorities and agencies views, positions and forms of the Greeks of Ontario on matters of interest of the major provincial Hellenic Canadian Community.
  7. Provides the means for developing local or regional events at provincial level, with the consent and participation of all those organizations that have common goals and interests, so that more expatriates can participate and benefit.
  8. Transmits to a provincial scale valuable information, concerning the major Hellenic Canadian provincial society.
  9. Mediate and leading the settlement and resolution of social, educational, insurance, pension and health care issues, facing the major Society of Ontario.