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Figs,nuova collezione michael kors, 23 col. Plates (illustrator). Contents 1 A preliminary note on the conservation of Saproxylic flies Insecta Diptera in Himachal PradeshMitra Bulganin and Mehta HS 2 One new and three known species of the genus Helicotylenchus Steiner 1945 associated with Banana from West Bengal IndiaGantait Viswa Venkat Bhattacharya Tanmay and Chatterjee Amalendu 3 Two new species of Zaischnopsis Ashmead Hymenoptera Eupelmidae from India and a revised key to oriental speciesNarendran TC Kumar P Girish and Kazmi SI 4 A new fish species of the genus Barilius Cyprinidae Rasborinae from River Siang D?ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary Arunachal Pradesh IndiaNath P Dam D and Anil Kumar 5 First record of Erethistes hara Hamilton 1822 Siluriformes Erethistidae from Madhya Pradesh IndiaThilak J and Praveen Ojha 6 Trichotaxonomy of Indian species of genus Ratufa Gray Mammalia Rodentia SciuridaeBahuguna Archana 7 Orrurrence of a Reef Fish Paramonacanthus Japonicus Tilesius 1809 in Vellar Estuary South East Coast of IndiaKumar Manish TT Ajith Kumar and S Ravichandran 8 Taxonomy and systematics of Coral associated Brachyuran Crabs in Gulf of Mannar Marine Biosphere ReverseGokul A and K Venkataraman 9 New Records of Scleractinians from Andaman IslandsRajan Rajkumar R Raghuraman and Satyanarayana Ch 10 Status and distribution of four species of Hornbills from North and Central Western Ghat a reportDutta Baird Baran and Sakthivel Rengasamy 11 Notes on the Zoogeographical distribution of Antarctic birds based on the Sighting of ZSI scientists during 15 and 22 Indian Antarctic expeditionsDe JK and Mitra Bulganin Short communication First record of the clouded ground Gecko Geckoella nebulosa Deddome 1870 from Jharkhand Erstwhile BiharMurthy BHCK and Dasgupta Gouri On a collections of the flies of forensic importanceMitra Bulganin Parui P and Banerjee S Occurrence of Himalayan Rubythroat Luscinia Pectoralis tschebaiewi Przevalski Passeriformes turdinae in Chhattisgarh IndiaGhosh Santanu Roy Sipra Basu and Dutta Bitan Kumar 122 pp.

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